Custom CMS solution with content personalisation and localised content.


Proskauer had a wealth of wonderful content but needed a fast and effective way of delivering the precisely relevant information to website visitors.

They also wanted a website that better represented their world class work and services and worked easily and efficiently for all users. A new website needed to better serve the firm’s marketing and business development process.


We absolutely relished this brief when it came in because it played to a lot of our strengths, requiring as it did cutting edge technological expertise, a clearly planned project management strategy and a bit of AI magic.

Proskauer’s previous website failed to showcase the quality and breadth of work and knowledge within the firm. Neither did it reflect the dynamic character of the organisation. It had been in place for a considerable period of time and, while it contained a huge amount of valuable information, users were either not engaging with the content or were unable to find the articles and papers most relevant to their needs.

Additionally, the way the firm’s services were structured on the site was not flexible enough - the presentation being less than logical and somewhat cumbersome. The navigation & UX desperately needed updating in order to better serve the firm’s ever evolving business needs. The site was also not optimised for mobile.

From a commercial perspective, the firm was in danger of being left behind as competitors embraced new technologies.

20,000 + pages on the website


The crucial part of this project’s ultimate success was the intense collaborative immersion session undertaken by our team and the key Proskauer stakeholders. We spent three days in the Proskauer head office in New York co-creating the specification and project goals. This detailed immersion process defined the scope of the project and gave us invaluable insight into the firm’s business and their unique and specific needs.

As part of this process, we coached the client to conduct user interviews and we used this information to create user personas which, in turn, informed the development of the site structure using affinity mapping techniques.

As a professional services firm, the way Proskauer categorise their service offering is central to their marketing strategy. We worked with the client to ensure clear communication of the firm’s offering, which includes 80+ practice areas, industries and market-specific solutions. Every variable needed to be taken into account so that they could effectively market and communicate each particular element to a very wide range of potential clients.

For obvious reasons it was essential that visitors be able to find precisely relevant content within moments of landing on the website. The old Proskauer site failed on this score, which caused predictable headaches for the marketing department. A central aim in our UX process on this project was to ensure that knowledge content is displayed throughout the site. To this end we created customisable content blocks that can be configured and assigned across the site to ensure that any of the firm’s 18,000 insights can displayed clearly and are incredibly easy to find.

At the core of this project was the personalisation engine that delivers content relevant to the user, based on their browsing behaviour or location. Localised (translated) content can also be offered to the user depending on their geographical whereabouts. This cutting edge technology at the heart of the website means the site is an indispensable marketing and business development tool as well as being the firm’s virtual shop front and housing their vast catalogue of valuable content in easily navigable form.

All this is supported by the custom search solution we built to help users to find the content they are looking for with the minimum number of clicks. Under our system search results are categorised by content type, and as the user types a search query suggested links are dynamically displayed in a drop-down menu in the search bar.

A seamless transition from old site to new site was imperative. We migrated 20,000+ pages from the old site prior to launch using a custom-built migration tool.


  • Immersion Process
  • Strategic Planning
  • User personas & affinity mapping
  • UX & Wireframes
  • Front-end (responsive) development
  • Build & integration of custom CMS
  • Content migration
  • Third party software integrations

Content localisation

  • Fully responsive site
  • Content personalisation & automation
  • RSS integration
  • Content localisation
  • Bespoke CMS solution