London Designer Outlet

London Designer Outlet

An online strategy to support offline marketing and goals.


We created an online experience which would result in increased footfall on site, we focussed on clear and easy to navigate design, without an eCommerce platform, to encourage visitors to go to the outlet.

London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park is the ultimate retail, restaurant, entertainment and lifestyle destination. It is the only outlet shopping centre within the M25.


Build awareness and footfall for a new business.

As a new business, the main challenge was to help build footfall into an area that was usually frequented on event days only (at Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena).

The site would not be a platform to buy items, the emphasis would be on encouraging audiences to journey to the outlet and have an offline shopping experience.

London Designer Outlet also hold their own events aimed towards driving footfall to their Wembley location, their website would need to be adaptable for these events, as well as for their seasonal offers.


100,000+ site visits a month
70%+ new visitors to the site over 6 months


An online presence which would result in increased footfall.

Getting visitors to the site was important but building a loyal consumer base was also imperative to the success of the outlet.

As part of our approach we identified the diverse audience that would be engaging with the site and ensured that all content was easy to navigate through clear UX.

The new design incorporated the brand identity to communicate well and complement all offline materials and advertising. Clear signposting was prominent on the homepage to allow users to access information as quickly as possible.

The CMS was developed to allow them the freedom to easily edit their headers, text, colours and banners to align their branding with the events and seasonal offers they would be promoting throughout the year.


  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • CMS integration


  • Webstars CMS
  • Email newsletter integration
  • Timeline integration
  • Responsive design

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