A festive treat to be shared, but with a twist


We developed an HTML5 responsive microsite showcasing 50 festive facts in a digital advent calendar.

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Creating a responsive, festive microsite.

Ebiquity wanted a HTML5 responsive microsite showcasing 50 festive facts in a digital advent calendar. There would be two advent calendars running from the same CMS and the client wanted to be able to monitor success and engagement through analytics.
11k+ visits to festive calendar
2 Advent Calendars for either work or play
50 unique festive facts


An advent calendar for work and play

The Microsite housed an interactive advent calendar with 2 states - ‘Work’ and ‘Play’. Each view contained 25 interactive clickable squares, which opened a pop-up fact.

The different states had individual looks - ‘Work’ was professional, and ‘Play’ was Christmas themed. Each featured a different colour scheme and the user was be able to switch accordingly using just a toggle.

The fact appeared as a pop-up/ light-box, along with a set of social sharing buttons (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) to encourage the user to share the fact to their profiles.

Each fact needed an associated custom URL to allow for the possibility that users may manually copy/ paste the URL to share rather than use the sharing buttons. This URL was also used so that each shared fact included a link back to that fact on the microsite.


  • Strategy
  • UX & Wireframes
  • Design
  • Bespoke CMS


  • Multiple platform compatibility
  • HTML coding of responsive templates
  • Integration on Analytics tracking

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