William Hill

Improving their recruitment process through innovative technology

The problem - William Hill had a robust recruitment process, including online assessments, but they would usually have upwards of 100 vacancies at any one time… and these could be at any of their UK outlets. Their legacy Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would publish jobs to their website, and these would be displayed in date order, with no way for applicants to filter their search by town, postcode or region based map.

When we were approached by William Hill’s communications agency, we suggested their ATS supplier should be able to add some filters fairly easily, and that paying us to fix this issue didn’t seem to be a great use of budget...

The response from the ATS supplier was that such additions were impossible - not that it would be expensive or technically challenging...just a flat ‘this can’t be done!’


The clever tech solution - As we love a challenge, we were obviously keen to prove that in the world of digital technology, there is no such thing as impossible. 

In our initial strategy session, we asked the supplier if their ATS had an API (application programming interface), which would have made integration a simple process. It didn’t. We then asked if it could do automated C.S.V. exports… and received another negative response.

Undeterred, we rebuilt much of the ATS and assessment system and, at the same time, created a small bot which scanned the jobs listing page every 15 minutes, parsing and importing data before moving to repeat this on the next page. This data was then inserted into our database - and we built a small website to display the jobs alongside a postcode search and clickable map.

Once an applicant had found a relevant position and clicked to apply, our system took them back to the ATS system and online assessment.

As we had a copy of the data, we were also able to undertake any further analysis that the client might require.

Needless to say, the client was pleased with the result and we felt that unique sense of satisfaction which comes from finding a solution to an ‘impossible’ situation.


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