Kingston Technology

Multichannel event marketing strategy and creative support with paid social ads, geotargeting and post event lead nurturing email drip campaigns to turn contacts into marketing qualified leads.

The Problem - The multinational tech giant was looking to find a way of optimising follow-ups from the many events and trade shows they were attending, and needed to find a way of capitalising on the massive number of contacts made at their exhibition stands and breakout VIP events. They needed a way of turning these contacts into warm leads and potential clients.

The Clever Tech Solution - The Webstars team put in place a creative strategy for pre, during and post-event engagement. Prior to the Info Security 2019 event, we implemented a geo-targeted marketing campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Adlib programmatic advertising. We also planned and wrote an email nurture campaign targeting delegates to the event.  

During the event itself, we devised and advised on the running of a structured private roundtable event. This included a strategically written invitation to the event attendees who best fit Kingston Technology’s ideal client profile. 

Post trade show and private event, we created a personalised email drip campaign, positioned to appeal to those newly made contacts we felt were most likely to become Kingston Technology clients.

The event was their most successful ever, with:

  • 40+ Marketing Qualified Leads generated from the event for the business development team, a record for this annual event.

  • 84,000+ impressions over 4 days targeting users attending the event and hotels surrounds the event location.

  • 250+ clicks at $3.29 CPC on a campaign optimised for impressions.

  • Widespread awareness generated for the stand with multiple tweets achieving 2’000+ engagement and 20’000+ reach.


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