Content Management

Do you really need a website?

This may be a curious question for a digital agency to pose, but it can be easy to make assumptions about the marketing technology you need to grow your business. As digital specialists (and, if we’re being honest, enthusiastic tech & business nerds!) we like to challenge our clients’ assumptions when undertaking website projects.

An important part of the immersion process we go through on every project is identifying what technologies will actually help our clients to move their business forward and deliver return on investment. There’s no point in investing in technology that you’re not going to use.

Indeed, once you have selected a Content Management System for your website, how will you even know if you’ve made the right choice, even when your site has been built?

This is a dilemma shared by most organisations, large or small. When developing a new website, the process tends to follow the traditional ‘interview agencies, receive pitch presentations, go with the most-liked idea at the time, live with the consequences for years’ process. 

It’s the main reason why we decided to offer something slightly different to the mainstream. Rather than pitching our ideas at you, based on a brief that may or may not address the real issues and opportunities facing your business, we offer a full Immersion Process before we start developing creative ideas. 

The immersion process allows us to explore the brief, ask questions and get a better understanding of your business. It gives you a chance to see if you think we are the right team for you and your project and gives us a chance to see if we think we can help you. We believe both sides have to enjoy the process and be fully invested in its success. This is our way of trying to ensure that happens. It minimises the risk for both parties. 


Is your CMS contributing to your ROI? If not, then you're missing a trick...

In today’s world, every component of your marketing technology needs to deliver a measurable return on investment. This means that your CMS should be delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

There’s no earthly reason why you should put up with a CMS that clunks along just giving you the basic functionality. You need a CMS that will help you achieve your marketing targets, save you time and support your content strategy.


Of course there’s a bewildering range of CMS platforms available, and choosing the right one for your business can be a daunting task.

Most of our clients use either our bespoke platform, Wordpress or the HubSpot CMS. However, tech anoraks that we are, we’re not averse to experimenting with other platforms, from Sitecore to Umbraco. In fact we’ve put together this handy guide to choosing the best CMS for your business.



It's all about you.

There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution in digital marketing. Which is why we work with the newest technologies, follow the latest trends and exercise our wealth of experience (we’ve been in business for over 20 years) to find creative and effective solutions to your problems, online and offline. Whatever you need, whether that is software, websites, strategy or marketing- we've done it… and done it well.