The Webstars Book Club: Change by Design by Tim Brown

The Webstars Book Club has been busy! This month we've been reading Change by Design by Tim Brown.


3 reasons why a marketer should read Change by Design by Tim Brown


1: I learnt how important it is for structuring your creative sessions so that the most can be achieved at each stage in terms of creativity and innovation.

2: It was a useful insight into the influence of how you organise your team and office culture to inspire design thinking.

3: There are advantages in having the strength to let a bad idea die early through prototyping designs and getting everyone involved to draw their ideas. This allows everyone involved to react to it in real life.



3 reasons why a designer should read Change by Design by Tim Brown


1: It’s about how design thinking can be applied throughout the whole organisation and it gave me ideas on how, as designers, we can facilitate that.

2: The best ideas come from collaboration, looking at things from different perspectives, and being allowed the time and space to research and bounce ideas around. That means involving different people with different skill sets in your design processes.

3: It reminded me that my skills in design thinking can be applied to problems and solutions beyond my usual job description - for example how we run a client meeting or how we communicate our unique qualities as an agency.


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