Kick off!

The World Cup is here, and we've created a beautiful game of our own.

Here we go, here we go, here we go – again!

Time to roll out the old clichés: 38 years of hurt (which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as 30 years), game of two halves, back of the net (in an Alan Partridge voice) etc. Yes, the World Cup is upon us again.

Here at Webstars, we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon (well, everybody else is!) and grab ourselves a little slice of World Cup mania by creating a beautiful game of our own.

The competition

The Webstars World Cup Competition has launched and with it the chance to win an iPad Air. If you’re reading this before 5pm on Friday 13th June you can still enter the competition. (You can still enter after this date to play along for fun and compete against your friends.)

As the World Cup progresses, teams will pick up ‘badges’ for wins, goals and a slew of other statistics (ranging from offsides to streakers!). The supporters following the team with the most badges at the end of the competition will be entered into a draw to win the iPad Air.

Clients and partners

Alongside this competition, we’re also running a second contest amongst our clients and partners who will become team ‘owners’. They will have the chance to win a professional table football for their office (although they can also enter the main competition for the iPad Air as individuals).

So why are we doing it? To roll out another cliché, it’s for the love of the game! We spend most of our time finding exciting ways for our clients to engage their audience, and we felt it was time that we did the same for ourselves.

Our main objective for the competition is to extend our reach via social media and to use the Webstars World Cup to ‘funnel’ people from social media into our website. To that end, we will also be running a social media campaign to spread the work (from our Webstars World Cup Twitter account).

It’s important to us that we enjoy what we do, and it’s been great fun putting this together. We should also say big thanks to our internal teams in London and Bucharest who have worked tirelessly on this project (over the course of which we have also discovered that we can be nightmare clients!).

Who knows what the World Cup in Brazil will bring – it seems to be a fairly open competition compared to previous years. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be on the edge of our seats hoping our teams bring home the badges!


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