Digital marketing glossary

Digital marketing. It’s an ever-changing landscape of technical terms, new targeting methods and evolving technologies.

How are you meant to keep up? Well, we’ve put together a small glossary of some of the digital marketing terms and techniques you’ll need to know more about for 2017. Each one is something you can expect to encounter over the next 12 months, as we’d like you to be the one at events, raising your hand because YES - you DO know what ABM, chatbots and retargeting are!


The Agile methodology is an approach to project management which allows teams to plan and implement projects through, ‘sprints,’ rather than ‘waterfalls.’  This enables feedback and testing to occur much earlier on, which reduces the risk of issues during a ‘go live’ process.

     Agile consists of user stories and acceptance criteria.  Each user story will be either from the perspective of an admin user (user of the CMS) or the consumer.  It will detail all functionality that the website or project is expected to have.  The acceptance criteria will then list any eventuality the functionality might encounter.  It will also act as the groundwork for testing the final product.  It’s crucial to make the acceptance criteria as meticulous as possible - imagining any destination, error message or continued journey the user will go on, to avoid bugs and enable thorough testing.


Pay-Per-Click.  Let’s face it, if you don’t know what PPC is in 2017 there’s a bigger problem!  What will be most interesting in 2017 around PPC, is whether the big providers of this service respond to the issues which arose in 2016, including misreporting clicks, ads appearing on unsavoury sites and the ever-growing competition from programmatic advertising.


Remarketing is a marketing method used to advertise to users who have already visited your website, without completing an action. Users who have their cookies enabled will be followed around the web by Google Ads and Display Ads, if they have not completed a sale or conversion journey on your website.  You can schedule these ads for a certain amount of time and frequency.  Keep in mind that remarketing runs a fine line between helping your digital conversion efforts and alienating your audience.  It’s important not to bombard potential clients/buyers with too many ads, too often.  Instead, make sure you show them something different but relevant, every time.

     Retargeting uses remarketing techniques but involves uploading email addresses and mobile numbers of your prospective clients.  You can then target your advertising efforts to their online activity.  The benefit of this is that, rather than marketing to those who have visited your site but won’t ever complete an action, you’re able to pinpoint those who are warmer prospects.


If you still think Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the same thing, then you’re in for a surprise!  VR and AR are taking over 2017 and if you can find a way to implement both into your marketing output, then you could be one of the frontrunners in revolutionising the way these two technologies are used!  In any case, doing so makes sense, rather than it being a shiny, new notion to employ for the sake of it.

     Virtual Reality involves submerging the user in an experience.  Through a headset, users are transported to a whole other space than the one they physically occupy. It’s been employed well by travel agents and architects/interior design companies but the employment of it within a B2B realm has yet to be realised.  Perhaps we’ll start seeing VR implemented to bring seminars and events closer to home, rather than hiring out a venue?  With easy access to VR headsets, the possibilities are endless.

    AR is the technology you will have heard far too much about in 2016, thanks to Pokémon Go!   It involves placing a computer-generated image into the real world - a composite view - therefore bringing the virtual world into the user’s view, rather than taking the user into the computer.  It’s an easier technology for businesses to adapt to over VR because of its ability to be used within the real world, without having to create your own virtual space.  AR can be seen successfully in use across beauty brands, print and interactive brochures, gaming and education.


Some say that this is the digital marketing technology to watch in 2017.  Others are unsure what it is.  The bottom line is that Chatbot is software which can conduct an automated conversation with a customer or client.  The technology has been developed to a point where it can adapt to the questions it is asked and deliver a response which will either answer the consumer’s question or direct them to the correct department they need, in order to find the answer.  Marketers are calling it the technology to watch because of how far it has come.  This isn’t the chatbot which can be tricked into saying whatever you want.  The software has become far more intelligent for 2017.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a more personable approach to communicating with prospective clients.  It involves narrowing the sales funnel and using personalised content to target individual companies rather than specific industries, as a whole.  Prospects will be qualified through a series of specifications which are determined by the marketing department and key stakeholders.  Essentially, you’ll be picking the client you want to work with and addressing them directly, as opposed to spreading your marketing efforts far and wide for someone anywhere, to find and decide they want to work with you.

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