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  1. Mastering the Facebook Algorithm

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    Mastering the Facebook Algorithm

    In 2003, Facebook - then known as FaceMash - was created by Mark Zuckerberg for the purpose of ranking the attractiveness of his fellow Harvard students. Today it’s a social networking platform used by billions of people around the world, boasting a wide range of functions, making it unrecognisable from its original inception. And with its acquisition of Instagram in 2012 and Whatsapp in 2014, Facebook has become increasingly valuable to marketers.

  2. Your Ultimate Guide to the Instagram Algorithm

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    Your Ultimate Guide to the Instagram Algorithm

    While Instagram’s image-focussed approach can be off-putting to B2B marketers, excluding Instagram from your social media strategy may actually be a missed opportunity. Instagram’s algorithm - much more sophisticated now than at its inception over a decade ago - actually favours personalisation and niche content, allowing you to reach your target audience in a more informal, personal context. Read on to find out how to make Instagram’s algorithm work for you.

  3. To gate or not to gate?

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    To gate or not to gate?

    If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably had at least one spirited debate over whether to gate your content or not. Some swear it’s the only way to generate valuable leads, while others see it as a major blockage in the user journey - a lead deterrent, rather than a lead magnet.

  4. Mastering the LinkedIn algorithm

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    Mastering the LinkedIn algorithm

    LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for getting your content in front of C-suite members, buying committees, and other relevant audiences. However, getting your content to ‘win’ the LinkedIn algorithm is no easy task - not only do the actual contents of your post matter, but so does the engagement (or lack thereof) from your network. However, there are steps you can take to help your content reach users’ feeds.

  5. My Fifth Month in Marketing: Websites - A Design and Content Perspective

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    My Fifth Month in Marketing: Websites - A Design and Content Perspective

    Over the past month I’ve continued working on websites, enhancing them for our clients with the goal of providing visitors with a good user experience. So I wanted to share some more of my learnings with everyone and talk to you about some important aspects that I think should be taken into consideration when building a website - especially since your website’s design will be the first thing that catches their eye!

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