Avanti Screenmedia

Automating the process of curating positive news stories to be broadcast in shopping centres

The Problem - It was taking a team of 4 working full time to create 20 short movies collating news, sport and weather bulletins for shopping centres across the country. The team began at 6.30am to prepare the movies for transmission at around 11am. 

The Clever Tech Solution - We created a standalone content server based on our CMS platform which took feeds from the Press Association and edited the content using a bespoke algorithm. This content was automatically filtered to ensure more good news was used (shopping centres don’t like bad news!) and added more sports stories on bad news days. The system checked to see if the supplied images were at a high enough resolution and defined weather icons depending on local weather conditions. This data integrated with the editing software After Effects to create individual movies with no operator input. 

The process took 15 minutes, supplying the shopping centres with the movies much earlier in the day and saving significant time and money within the department. The only support required over a 4 year period was when the company moved offices and the IP address had to be re-configured (The system was so reliable that the client cancelled the support contract after the first year).



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