The female frontier

Our newly recruited Account Director, Sarah Townsend, talks about the growing number of influential women in tech.

With women increasingly progressing to ever higher positions in such sectors as Finance and Business, and in society in general, it should be no surprise that us females are making our mark in the digital and technology sectors too.

In my own experience, making the move into Digital from another sector was a daunting prospect but, in the event, an extremely rewarding transition. For me, it seemed like a natural career progression. Digital is the obvious future, especially for those of us with a background in marketing. All companies these days should accept the necessity of having a digital presence, whether their employees are mostly male, mostly female or have a balanced gender mix. 

In the traditionally male-dominated technology sector itself there has always been some controversy regarding the role of women, and lately much has been made in the media of the obstacles women can encounter - workplace sexism and the like. Having been fortunate enough not to suffer such discrimination myself, I thought I’d investigate further. I’m happy to say the picture is not as grim as I feared.

A great many women have made exceptional contributions to the digital and tech worlds. Kathryn Parsons, to name but one, is co-founder of digital training company Decoded and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Tech and has also been featured as one of the TechCity100She shares the concern that the place of women in the digital world has historically been low. However, she reassuringly states that, “the appetite among professional women to become digitally literate is reassuringly high.*” 

That is something our own daily experience at Webstars Ltd bears out. The individuals among our clients who get most fired up by discussing new features for their websites and apps, and who are eager to begin operating the CMS, and exploring how the digital world can grow their business are a diverse demographic - male, female, young, old, technically experienced and totally uninitiated. So far, so egalitarian. 

Another reassuringly influential lady who can show most of us a digital thing or two is D&AD’s Laura Jordan Bambach. Her thirst for digital marketing has landed her the much-deserved title “digital female icon” , of which she is immensely proud. Laura Jordan Bambach is an example of how some of the most exciting and creative work in Digital, is currently coming from strong women wiling to bring their intelligence and knowledge to the table. I strongly urge you to check out her work. 

Unfortunately, some hilariously archaic attitudes persist. I won’t say much more, but before you take a look at the Code Babes website (we refuse to link to their site on grounds of taste and ethics), please make sure you don’t have any fragile or valuable items close by. You’ll see what I mean…

Digital is fast-moving, innovative and ever-changing – perfect for anyone who is proactive and adaptable, and who wants a career that could take them to the top of their game.

Here at Webstars in London, the ratio of male to female employees is relatively equal. Granted, the majority of our development team are male (watch this space...), but when it comes to strategy and project management, the female contingent provides technical know-how and efficient management of large-budget projects that is every bit as thorough as that of the male. 


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