Professional Services: Personalisation and AI

Webstars' director Chris has noticed some common digital challenges faced by the Professional Service Sector, and has been telling us about how new technologies could provide solutions that will save time, money and frustrations.

The professional services industries have, in the past, taken their time to catch up to other sectors technologically. Law firms, financial services like banks and investment firms, and consultants are just a few of the types of company that have struggled with this issue. However, it does seem as though times are changing and these industries are starting to spot the benefits in becoming digitally up-to-date.

Watch what Chris has to say to find out about how to start solving some of the common digital frustrations of the professional services industries.  



Just like any other industry, professional services need to clearly communicate to potential clients what they do, who they are and what services they offer on their websites. In doing this, the most effective way will be through personalisation. It’s no secret that people are getting more and more impatient online so the best way to get through to them will be through personalised content, show them what they want to see and show them what will be most relevant to them.

We can now use technology to track what kind of industry a website visitor is coming from, and we can also track what they look at on the website so that we can display targeted content that is specific to the individual website visitor. Our Marketing Content Management System was built with the marketer in mind and will allow you to control the content on your website in a way that suits the needs of the modern marketer. Contact us  to find out more about the benefits of the Marketing CMS. Despite sounding like this process could be long and complicated, it is all automated using browser cookies and content tags to track users through your website. You won’t need to put too much work in before you start getting some great results, it’s a no-brainer for any company looking to improve their efficiency online. This form of Artificial Intelligence will be so useful to any company looking to gain and maintain clients through their content.

AI can provide a number of solutions to a wide range of other problems for businesses too. This even extends itself to the burden of admin, an issue faced not only by Professional Services but by businesses across the board. This could be anything from filing documents or indexing to following up on outstanding accounts, it has previously required time and money to keep all of it up to date and even to find information later on. AI can be really useful for these challenges, not only can it store and catalogue information and take physical documents and convert them into a digital format; it can also identify keywords and phrases within the documents, and this information can then be used to classify and store the data, making any part of it available at just the click of a button. No more hard copies, no more manual cataloguing and lots of time saved!

If you would like to discuss the above or any other digital challenges faced by Professional Services, don’t hesitate to get in touch and arrange a call.


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