Marketing Budget Calculator

We know how hard it can be to build a case for increasing your marketing budget - you don’t want to overspend and waste money, but you also want to deliver high-quality marketing, which doesn’t come cheap!

We’ve created an interactive marketing budget calculator based on your business’s customer lifetime value, and while it won’t solve all your budget-related problems, it’s a strong start to understanding and justifying your ideal budget. Our calculator does the hard work for you - all you have to do is insert details about your business and your targets, and you’ll receive your recommended marketing spend for next year.

How to calculate your marketing budget



Securing a marketing budget for the upcoming year can be a challenge - read our blog for tips on where to start, and what information you need to make a strong case for your dream budget.


Complete the calculator below (we do not see the data)


Now you have a marketing budget that is rooted in new customer acquisition.


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