Food & Beverage Sector: Common Marketing Challenges

Louisa and Jez have been talking about the best ways to stand out from the crowd as a Food and Beverage company, and doing so in a way that will create the tastiest public reactions and the most delicious ROIs.

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The Food and Beverage sector has a tough job to do in marketing themselves. It is likely that they will be up against some serious competition in the form of well-branded companies with big budgets, including big chains and of course the conglomerates. This challenge even extends to Artisan producers, whose USPs are based around uniqueness, but will still have to battle to get noticed against the big players of the industry.

Standing out against the crowd in such a packed marketplace may be hard, but it’s not impossible as long as you have the right strategies and tools. In order to take a piece of the market for your own, you’ll need to focus on your brand. The brand will need to be consistent, recognisable and it will need to inspire loyalty amongst your customers. These 3 things combined will mean that you will be recognised and trusted by consumers everywhere, be that in your physical presence or in the digital space.

Most food and beverage brands will really thrive on social media if they are able to do it right. Many brands mistake social media for being a place that relies completely on how it appeals to consumers visually, and whilst this is not untrue, brands should be aware of the fact that user-generated content will do wonders for your online marketing too. UGCs are of such value to food and beverage brands because they show a degree of loyalty and affection from your customers, which to potential buyers may well be what sways them to buy from you and not from the similar brand across the street.

But, just because your social media profiles can be so strong and valuable, it doesn’t mean that you can drop the ball in making your website something special. Your website is your digital shop window and it is the one space online that is well and truly yours, it is somewhere where you have full control and unlimited options in how you get your brand’s identity out there. The problem that this creates for many clients that we come across is how overwhelming this unlimited choice can be, especially for those with small marketing teams. But, we find that these kinds of clients really value our past experience and how it can help them to decide what to portray on their website for the best results possible. We even see some brands using us, an agency, as their marketing team whilst theirs focus on their other marketing tasks, such as the physical marketing of their products in-house, giving them some relief to their hectic work schedules.

We see a number of other marketing challenges in these industries but one that pops up time and time again is working out how to prove the Return On Investment for marketing spend. We find that the best way to tackle this issue is by starting projects in the right way, the way that will set the appropriate KPIs for measuring marketing failures and successes. The best way to do this, in our experience, is through immersion sessions with marketing teams or key stakeholders of the brand. It’s a great way to figure out what is working for you, what isn’t and what to do next.


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