4 tools for your transition to digital working

Remote working is here to stay. And while we’re not saying that the office is dead, remote working across industries is becoming increasingly popular: in a 2019 Buffer report, 44% of employers stated that part of their team works full-time remotely, while 99% of respondents said that if they could, they would work remotely at least part-time for the rest of their careers.

Doubters of digital workplaces have valid concerns - how can my team communicate clearly and effectively with each other? How do we remain productive and maintain accountability? And what about events, client communications, and more? Thankfully, there are many innovative tools out there that answer all of these and more.

We’ve put together our four favourite tools for digital working that are not just simple productivity tools, but really clever tech that will make the transition to digital effortless and enjoyable. 

Is managing all your meetings, projects and documents getting too chaotic?

This sounds like a lot to ask from just one tool, but is a solution for those looking for a one-stop-shop with all these functionalities. We’re definitely guilty of using a million tools for scheduling meetings, managing projects and tasks, organising and sharing files, and more - so we know first-hand how frustrating it can be to jump from one platform to another to look for that one specific document, or the actions from the last internal meeting!

(Source: Appsumo) integrates with other widely-used tools like Zoom, Trello and Dropbox so you can easily keep track of all your meetings, agendas, projects, actions and shared documents in one place accessible by your entire team, while the project management interface gives users a clear overview of progress and ongoing tasks.’s usefulness is not just for the internal team, however - it’s a great tool for simplifying meetings with clients and others outside your teams, with a customisable meeting URL, meeting recordings, shared meeting minutes, and more.

How much does cost?

If you want to start small, has a free option for up to 5 users, 3 projects and 2 integrations. The Pro subscription costs $4.99/user/month for up to 10 users, and unlimited projects and integrations, as well as branding and customisation. If your team is bigger than that, the Enterprise subscription can host over 200 team members and features advanced branding options, at a custom price. 

Are webinars part of your digital strategy?

On24 is a tool that does more than just provide a platform for webcasts, adding a wide range of interactive features to keep your audience engaged and enhance the webinar experience while providing users with key data and analytics.

(Source: On24)

Whether you need webinars to be live, ‘simulive’ or on-demand, On24 offers a range of options to customise your webinar to your business and audience needs. Webinars can include presenter bios, landing pages, Q&A sessions, multimedia libraries, and more - taking your audience from passive viewers to engaged participants, and setting your webinars apart from the competition.

Personalisation is a key aspect of On24’s platform. Alongside integration with your CRM, On24 lets you personalise and target interactive tools and content at an individual or account level; if Account Based Marketing is part of your strategy, On24 is a fantastic tool to support engagement with your target accounts.

How much does On24 cost?

On24 operates on a custom pricing model, based on your business size, webcasting needs, and the number of web events hosted. They do however offer a free trial, which allows users to try out all the features on offer before making a decision. 

Are you looking for an easy-to-use but powerful content management solution?

CMS Hub is Hubspot’s newest addition to their already varied range of business growth tools. We’ve covered the CMS buying process and various content management solutions at length (link to buyer’s guide), so we know that it can be a daunting process for many - but if you’re looking for a comprehensive, simple to use CMS tool, CMS Hub provides all of this and more.

CMS Hub offers a wide variety of features for everything you need for content management, from page building to content optimisation and growth. Its drag-and-drop page editor and website theme library are perfect for hassle-free page building and creating a consistent, user-friendly website experience. Hubspot also covers optimisation, with SEO suggestions, A/B testing, and reporting tools. On top of that, with CMS Hub you won’t have any security concerns as it’s all handled by HubSpot with 24/7 monitoring.

(Source: ImpactBND)

However, the strength of Hubspot CMS Hub is not just in the product, but in its integration with the wider Hubspot ecosystem. Along with CMS Hub, users will also have access to the free Hubspot CRM for contact management, segmentation, personalisation - anything to help deliver a better website experience to users. And if you want to go further, Hubspot also offers sales, marketing and service subscriptions that integrate seamlessly with the CRM and CMS Hub.

How much does CMS Hub cost?

Hubspot can be pricier than other options, but the comprehensive tools and integration with Hubspot CRM make it worth it. CMS Hub Professional is £245/month, giving users access to Hubspot CRM plus web design, SEO and security features. For a more powerful web app experience, CMS Hub Enterprise costs £745/month and allows for serverless functions, memberships, activity logs, and more. 

Looking to upgrade your video marketing strategy?

StoryXpress is an all-in-one video platform geared towards sales and marketing. Users can record and edit webcam videos using the Clapboard browser extension, collate multimedia into polished videos, and upload and share them on the StoryXpress platform. 

For those of us without extensive video production experience, the drag-and-drop video editor makes video marketing incredibly easy and accessible. Users can also add interactive elements to their videos, taking viewer engagement to the next level. 

(Source: Appsumo)

StoryXpress offers more than just video recording and editing tools. The API feature allows more ambitious marketers to scale up their video production by automating the process with options for customisation, so you can quickly deliver personalised video content. It also integrates with your social channels, so you can easily share your videos with your followers directly from the platform.

As with all great marketing tools, the analytics tools are comprehensive and focus on optimising your videos for even better engagement. The heatmap feature is extremely useful not just to visualise how exactly users are interacting with your videos, but to segment your audience based on their behaviours and offer more personalised content in future.

How much does StoryXpress cost?

For solo users, StoryXpress has a free option with basic product features. Hosting Pro is $59/month for 20 video uploads and customisation options, and Hosting Plus is $199/month for 100 video uploads, advanced analytics, and call-to-action buttons.




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